Everything A Chap Can Unload is Sold off the Barrel in Portobello Road

Turquoise Ring

Location: Portobello Market, London, England; Material: Turquoise and Silver

I purchased this beautiful ring at Portobello Market during my semester abroad (January-April 2014) in one of my favorite cities, London.  With its corner crêpe stands, vegetarian restaurant selection, and of course, beautiful vintage and original jewelry and clothing, Portobello is my favorite market in London.  I love the stone turquoise immensely and—prior to coming to London—I had been looking to buy a new turquoise ring to add to my already established turquoise collection.  I searched high and low to finally come across a stand on Portobello Road with the most beautiful array of turquoise rings.  After looking at them for a while and trying them on, I decided on this ring, which was crafted by an English designer, using a turquoise stone and silver, both from Indonesia. It is more than just a ring to me: it is a reminder of a place I love in a city that I have missed every single day since I left.



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