Jewelry For A Cause


Location: Namma Bhoomi, Kundapura Town, Karnataka, India; Material: Bamboo

I purchased this beautiful necklace at a place in India called Namma Bhoomi, which is an NGO whose main principle is children’s rights are human rights.  Its goals are preventing child labor (a practice very common in India, especially in marginalized communities and with families that do not have a lot of money), educating the youth, preventing discrimination against females, and most importantly, teaching the young to challenge the morals and values of its elder generation, a movement that is really starting to take form in India.  Namma Bhoomi houses the majority of the children it serves; 120 children being the maximum it can hold at once.  Namma Bhoomi takes in children up to 18 years of age, with some as young as six months.  Many of the children are orphans or come from situations that were not safe for them. There is always a majority female population residing at Namma Bhoomi due to the vulnerability of women in the India.  This necklace was made by one of the children from the jewelry section of their vocational training.  It is made entirely of bamboo (except for the string).



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