There’s A Mini Terrarium On Your Neck

Mini Terrerium

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Material: Glass, Cork, Sand, String

In March 2014, I was finally able to go to the Philadelphia Flower Show, something that I have been wanting to do since I was a freshman at Arcadia!  I went this year with my friend Grace, her mom, and her mom’s two friends.  With a theme of “Articulture” (a mix between art and horticulture), we spent the day gazing at beautiful flowers made into art, terrariums, various plants, and prize-winning arrangements.  As we left the flower show, we had the chance to go to an enormous (and free!) alcohol tasting, where we tried everything from Absinthe to diet wine to sangria to fireballs to variations on mimosas.  By the end of the day, we ventured to West Philadelphia and finished our evening with an awesome Ethiopian meal.  While at the flower show, there were a number of vendors that were selling garden-esque things.  I immediately saw amongst everything a variety of differently colored mini terrarium-esque necklaces that were only $8!  I was so excited and finally settled on the one in the picture.



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