Save the Drama for Your Llama


Location: San Pedro de Atacama, Chile; Material: Silver & Alerce Wood

In May-June 2014, I went on a trip to the Atacama Desert in Chile (which happened to also be my last of many trips with my university because I graduated in 2014). While in Chile, I became rather obsessed with llamas and alpacas.  Something about their awkwardly cute fat bodies, chubby faces, and the way they trot just got me.  I could actually go on for hours about this, just ask any of my Chile trip mates…. Anyway, the main place we stayed while visiting the Atacama in Chile was San Pedro de Atacama, a small oasis right in the middle of the desert.  There were a number of great artisan stores in town that included everything from candles to jewelry to paintings to soaps.  One of these places was a beautiful, narrow store, wedged in between two others on one of the main roads of the town.  I saw these necklace pendants and almost died of happiness.  I proceeded to go through all of them (there were maybe 5 difference ones), and chose the one with the most awkward looking llama (the more awkward, the better, as I always say).  I even was able to meet the artist!  I have been wearing it frequently since.  For the purposes of wearing it when I first got it, I used the gold chain pictured, but I have since bought light brown string for it, which looks a lot better then the gold. P.S. I am wearing an alpaca sweater from Chile in this picture, I highly recommend if you ever go!



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