Whirling Dervish Necklace


Location: Konya, Turkey; Material: Felt (Made from Camel Hair), Other

What is a Whirling Dervish?  It is a person in the Turkish tradition of Islam that performs a spiritual dance by spinning for a very long time with one hand facing up (to Allah, or God) and one facing down (to keep you grounded to the earth).  They wear a very specific uniform, which is a white robe and a brown, felt hat made from camel’s hair.  When I was in Konya, Turkey in November 2014, I even got to see how they make them!  Pictured, on my necklace, you can see a mini version of the brown hat, but it also has a green band around it.  This represents a master whirling dervish, one who instructs and trains others to be dervishes.  The gold (unsure of what it is actually made of) part of the necklace is an important symbol in Islam, rendered in Arabic.  It means birth and death.  I wear the necklace a lot; I love it!




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