My Mother’s Turquoise Ring


Location: Unknown; Material: Turquoise & Silver

As you can tell from one of my earlier entries, I love turquoise and silver, especially in ring form.  This-along with the other ring I posted-is one of the rings I wear all the time.  In the shower, pool, when I sleep, on roller coaster rides, you name it, I wear it.  I love it very much because it is simple with just enough intricacy.  I also like to wear it because it was my mom’s and it makes me feel close to her all of the time.  On the occasion that I do take it off, there is a huge indent in my finger where it is because my finger has molded around it!  Like a number of my mother’s other pieces, I do not know where this was from , but I do know for sure that it is turquoise and silver (loving and buying jewelry so much has at least taught me how to identify those properties!).  Someone told me once that they thought it was Navajo, which is a major possibility because my mom loved the west, which is where you can find Navajo jewelry.


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