Record & Destroy


Location: Alexandria, Virginia, USA; Material: Brass & Nickel

When I say I can use anything as jewelry, I mean anything.  This includes an old (ish) key that I found at a beautiful, consigned French boutique called “Maggie Jane’s” (see Facebook page here) in old town of Alexandria, VA (right outside of D.C.).  Normally when people wear keys on their necks, they usually are much older, skeleton keys, often not even real keys; rather, pendants created to look like keys for people to wear around their necks.  Well, not this one.  This is a real key.  It says “Made in USA” right on the nickel part and it says something very interesting on the circular, brass part.  On this part, it reads both “Record & Destroy” and “92 CJ”.  Because the brass part is so rusty, I did not see what it said when I had first bought it, but looking it as I have been writing this entry, I finally was able to make out the aforementioned words/numbers.  I was curious, so I looked it up.  What I found confused me a bit, but, from what I gather, the term “Record & Destroy” is to prevent keys from being illegally copied.  The number/letter code is that key’s particular code if it were to copied.  Doesn’t make much sense, right?  Well, that was the most I could get out of all of my research because all of the websites I found information on used a lot of lingo I did not understand.  Regardless, I love this unique key-made-into-a-pendant-by-putting-it-on-a-leather-chain.


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