Dark Lapis Lazuli from K.O. Shop


Location: K.O. Shop, Manipal, Karnataka, India; Material: Lapis Lazuli & Silver

While studying at Manipal University in India, one of my Indian friends introduced the other American girls on my program and me to a beautiful jewelry store very close to where we were (up until then, we thought that the closest jewelry store was an hour bus ride away in Mangalore, where I bought a number of the pieces I have already discussed).  The story was called “The KO Shop” and it was in a very unexpected part of Manipal.  You would think that a jewelry store would be where the stands, restaurants, and other shops were; but no, it was in the middle of nowhere, in a very residential area.  In fact, we often took ricksaws (three-wheeled taxi-like vehicles) to get to it because it was very far to walk in the heat.  We found out later that The KO Shop is actually a small chain (see link) that carries all silver items, some very expensive, and others not.   On our first visit, my friends and I discovered a box of cheaper (but still silver) earrings kind of hidden under the glass case where the register was.  They were all so cheap!  I think this pair was only around four American dollars, and it is real silver and has a semi-precious stone.  One of the things I was looking forward to in India was all of the beautiful and cheap jewelry (especially good quality jewelry with silver).  This pair is one of many I found and bought from The KO Shop.  You will be seeing a lot in the future from there!


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