Modern Art Earrings at Noordermarkt


Location: Noordermarkt, Amsterdam, Netherlands; Material: Unknown

Like many students studying abroad in Europe, Amsterdam was one of the locations I visited for a weekend.  It is definitely the most beautiful city I have ever been in.  I loved the quirkiness of the buildings leaning to the side (frankly not looking too structurally sound), the way the canal weaving all around the city, and the fact that everyone road bikes everywhere.  One of the places I particularly loved in Amsterdam was the Noordermarkt (North Market, link here), a local vendor market that is open only on Saturdays and sells different types of foods and arts and crafts.  My friend, Bethany and I found it by accident while we were on our way to Anne Frank’s house.  I remember the market had so many options of different brands and types of cheeses to buy, the major cheese of the country famously being Gouda (which is now, 3 years later, my favorite cheese).  Netherlands is also famous for honey, which I bought at the market (after sampling ALL of them of course) for my dad as a souvenir.  We also stopped at a jewelry stand that sold very modern jewelry, and I decided to buy this pair of earrings because they looked very different than anything else I had owned.  To tell you the truth, I have probably only worn them twice, but I still like them.  They just need to go with a very specific style that I do not often wear.  The picture above is the earrings in front of a free postcard I got at the market.  The postcard is hanging on my bedroom wall, amongst all my other postcards.  I collect them wherever I go!


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