My Mom’s Favorite Necklace


Location: Unknown; Material: Bronze, Clay, Unknown

The necklace I am referring to in this entry is the only one in the photo at the top, which on me (left), also zoomed in on in the photo on the bottom.  In the top photo, I am pictured here with my friend Katelyn from college at one of our senior week events, which was a booze cruise in Philadelphia!  The best kind of cruises, in my opinion.  Anyway, this necklace is another one of my mom’s pieces that I inherited from her.  I am unsure of where she purchased it, although I speculate that it could possibly be from Morocco, a place she traveled to among her many travels before I was born.  I also took a shot at guessing what it was made out of, and all of my jewelry knowledge and purchases lead me to believe there is definitely bronze and clay beads on this necklace.  Regardless, I love this necklace so much.  It was my mom’s favorite necklace.  In fact, I recall her wearing it probably every other day to work.  It is not exactly like my other necklaces (I’m more of a simple pendant person, rather than a “statement”, more intricate piece person), but that is why I love it.  It is very unique.  I probably wear it once a week to my job!


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