IMG_8455Location: Kathmandu, Nepal; Material: Crystal & Silver

I love this necklace (or should I say necklaces) so much.  Why do I love it so much?  The question should really be, why wouldn’t I love it?  I am the one who designed it!  Well, sort of.  As I mentioned in another post, silver (and other jewelry metals) are much cheaper in other parts of the world than they are here, in the US.   This includes Nepal, where prices of these materials are comparable to India.  My dad and I were at a jewelry store in the main tourist area of Kathmandu (Nepal’s biggest city), and I saw the blue crystal in the glass case by the register and immediately had an idea to design my own two-necklace-in-one-necklace.  I knew I wanted to have a double chain, one longer (which I had already decided to put the blue crystal on), and one shorter, which I had not picked one out for yet.  I searched the case for other crystals, and found the clear one you see in the picture with the “om” symbol.  For those who are not aware, om is a mantra and sound that began in Hinduism, and it is very sacred in other dharmic religions, like Buddhism, the majority religion of Nepal.  Because of this, I thought that choosing the crystal with om was a perfect representation of the beautiful country where I was buying it!  After picking out both crystals, I explained to the shop owner my idea and he brought a box of silver chains for me to pick out to make up the necklace.  After picking them out, I asked him “How much will labor cost?” and “Do I have to come back later to pick my necklace up?”  He looked at me like I was crazy and said, “No charge for labor, just materials.  And I can finish right now, no need to come back!”  Coming from America, where we ALWAYS charge for labor, no matter how simple the task, I was shocked!  He simply attached the two necklaces in 10 minutes and he was done!  I paid around 20 American dollars for this necklace, and it was a $20 well spent.  I love it very much.


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