One Man’s Trash…

IMG_8446Location: Ten Thousand Villages, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (Purchased)/Mombasa, Kenya (Made); Material: Soda Can Top Opener

…is my earrings!  I am not sure if you have heard about the store Ten Thousand Villages, but it is a chain all around the world that sells fair trade items from less fortunate communities and people in developing countries.  Most of its products come from Africa and South Asia.  For those of you who do not know what fair trade is, it is a type of product (jewelry, food, body products, cloths, coffee, etc.) that is created and sold using humane practices and giving those who make the product fair pay.  All fair trade companies are non-profit and really focus on teaching vocational skills to people who are living in unfortunate circumstances, so they have a way to earn money.  I have a number of pieces of jewelry from Ten Thousand Villages, so you will definitely see more later!  I love these earrings particularly because they support the environmental notion “reduce, reuse, recycle” because they are made out of something that was formerly something else.  I love them!  Click here to see more information about them.


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