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Location: Abdulla, Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey; Material: 100% Cotton

For those of you who have ever been to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, you know how overwhelming it is.  In fact, after a while of walking through it, many of the shops start to look the same because many of them carry similar products.  When I first went to Turkey, I did not get to see a whole lot (just a few days in Istanbul), and one of the places I did get to spend time at was the Grand Bazaar.  However, it took me my second time in the bazaar to discover a section I had not seen before: a section very different from the rest with restaurants and shops that differ from the others.  A shop named “Abdulla” was one of them (click here to see online shop).  This shop sells organic and all-natural bath products from towels to robes to soaps to lofas.  While in the store, I saw the above pictured item and thought it was scarf, which is exactly what it looks like.  I tried it on in both the grey and red patterns and decided finally on the grey pattern.  I wnet to the register to purchase it and the owner (who had seen me trying it on) said to me in English, “You know that’s not a scarf right?”  I immediately turned red from embarrassment.  “It’s not?”  I asked.  “What is it?”  He told me it was actually a towel.  I told him I was going to buy it anyway and use it as a scarf, which is exactly what I did and continue to do.  I mean, look at it, that piece of fabric is not going to do much good mopping up water on anyone’s body.  I figure it is one of the more decorative towels, but, nonetheless, I use it as a scarf.  And I love it.  I wear it almost every day in this cold because the big, chunkiness of it keeps me very warm!


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