Your Face


Location: Arcadia University, Glenside, Pennsylvania, USA; Material: Copper

As you can see from my other entries, this is one of the many items I own from Arcadia University’s art students.  I bought it at the made sale, where I purchased most of the other items I have from Arcadia.  I remember it being the first item I purchased at the 2013 made sale, the year that I probably bought the most stuff because I really fell in love with most of the pieces that were being sold.  I absolutely love this necklace.  As you can see from the picture of me wearing it, you cannot exactly tell what it is from far away (just really that it is some kind of pendant), but, up close, it is so detailed.  I wonder if the artist used someone’s face as a reference for this piece, or if it was directly from their imagination.  I can only guess, but that is what is fun about it!

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Richards (Photo on the Right)


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