A Turquoise Ring from Kerala

FullSizeRender (14)Location: Varkala, Kerala, India; Material: Turquoise & Silver

Here we go again, my favorite combination, turquoise and silver!  After my spring semester 2012 in London and searching for the perfect turquoise ring (which is in one of my very first entries), I decided to do the same my spring semester 2013 in India.  I happened to find this beautiful ring (which I am wearing as I type) while on travel week, in India’s only matriarchal state of Kerala, specifically,  in the popular beach destination of Varkala.  Along one of the beaches in Varkala, there were cliffs on top of which there were a number of different restaurants, shops, and bars.  There were a lot of jewelry shops in particular, and all of them had turquoise.  I knew this was where I would find my ring.  I went into many of the shops, looked in the cases and tried things on, and finally, I found the shop with this ring and I fell in love.  After trying it on, I spent a few minutes bargaining (as you are expected to do in India) and finally got it down to $20.   I love it so much!


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