Ahoy From Eastern Market

FullSizeRender (17)Location: Eastern Market, Washington D.C., USA; Material: Silver

This past Martin Luther King Day Jr. weekend (2015), I went to visit my friend Liz in Washington D.C. (also when I got the key necklace in one of my former entries).  While there we did one of the very “D.C.” things to do and went to Sunday brunch at a place called Cava Mezze.  We had an awesome meal filled with breakfast tapas and many, many mimosas.  Both before and after going to brunch, we stopped at nearby Eastern Market.  It was a rainy day out, so many of the vendors were not there, and the ones that were were set up in the inside portion of the market and under tents.  Under one of these tents, I found a jewelry stand that was selling of number of very small rings.  I looked and tried on, finally deciding on this one.  I originally bought it thinking I would wear it as a knuckle ring, but I have also started wearing it on my pinky, which I love even more!


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