Grace’s Earring Guy

FullSizeRender (18)

Location: The Big Market, Freetown, Sierra Leone; Material: Beads

This past May/June (2014), my friend, Grace traveled to Sierra Leone with a class at the same time I traveled to Chile.  We were both going on ID courses at Arcadia University.  Grace’s class went to Freetown, Sierra Leone to study youth unemployment.  Before leaving on our trips, Grace and I decided that we would buy each other a pair of earrings in each of our prospective locations and exchange them when we next saw each other.  I bought her a multicolored pair of earrings made from alpaca wool and she bought me this lovely pair of bead-earrings.  She purchased them in a large indoor market that is known as “The Big Market” from a guy that she referred to as her “Earring Guy”, a name that he loved.  I love these earrings so much, I probably wear them every other day.  Thanks, Grace!


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