Londontown Bow

j19 2

Location: Tipawan’s Flowers, Greenwich Market, London, UK; Material: Fabric (Unknown)

On my mini-backing trip with my friend Grace (one of my more recent trips [September-August 2014], which I have discussed many times prior to this), our last stop was my favorite city, London.  While in London, we went to one of my favorite markets in the city, Greenwich Market, located in the same area of London where the Prime Meridian is.  At the market, you can find everything from antiques to artisan stands to delicious ethnic foods to mulled wine.  I purchased this particular accessory at a stand called “Tipawan’s Flowers” (also called “Tip Flowers” see Facebook page here) that sold both bows for your hair and bow ties handmade locally.  I saw these bows and I almost died of happiness!  This is the exact kind of thing I love that many of my friends, like Grace, make fun of me for because it looks little girl-ish.  It is an ongoing joke with many of my friends that little girl-ish is my style, and I do not care, because that is true in many ways!  I love this bow so much.  I not only purchased it in my favorite city, but it also embodies that city so perfectly.


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