A Moonstone Teardrop

IMG_8613Location: Kathmandu, Nepal; Material: Moonstone & Silver

I bought this beautiful pendant at the same shop in Kathmandu, Nepal where I purchased my “self-designed” om/crystal necklace.  As you can see and as I have mentioned before, I love pendants (my favorite type of necklaces!), and when I saw the jeweler’s case full of them, I spent a lot of time looking for one I really loved.  As they often do in both India and Nepal, this jeweler in Kathmandu offered me a bargain: buy two, and receive them each at a cheaper price, which is exactly what I did.  After bargaining a bit more, I bought this moonstone pendant, along with another one (which will be discussed later) for such a great price!  I have not worn this pendant too much, and for a very stupid reason: I did not have enough of my necklace rope to make it in to a necklace.  I finally went to Michael’s and bought my usual black rope and made it into a full-on necklace, rather than a pendant-waiting-to-be-a-necklace.  I love it very much, moonstone is one of my favorite stones!


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