My Ebru Ring

FullSizeRender (22)

Location: Konya, Turkey; Material: Bronze

I purchased this ring at the same store where I purchased an aforementioned necklace from Konya, Turkey (specifically, the Whirling Dervish necklace with Arabic on it) on my last trip to Turkey (November 2014).  I saw this ring (and a few others like it) on the front counter of the store and absolutely fell in love.  This ring design is of particular significance in Turkey because it represents traditional Turkey Ebru Water Marbling, which is a common type of painting in the country.  Ebru Water Marbling is completed using a contained filled with some sort of water with a chemical solution in it.  Special paint is dripped into this liquid and manipulated using tools by the artist to create a design.  A piece of paper is then place on top, and the design created in the liquid is transferred to the paper, now a work of art! I have seen multiple demonstrations of it, and it is so cool!  Although this ring was not actually made that way, it looks like Ebru, and I love it!



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