A Crocheted Piece of Someone’s History


Location: Captain’s Corner, Portobello Market, London, England; Material: Unknown

This pendant is certainly a piece of someone’s history, but not mine.  Specifically, it is a part of Captain Bob’s history.  Who is Captain Bob, do you ask?  Well, he is the owner of Captain’s Corner in The Red Lion Arcade of Portobello Market in the beautiful city of London (click here for photo).  Captain Bob began trading in Portobello Market over 25 years ago, when he worked with the famous Susan Garth, who was the original founder of The Red Lion Arcade (London’s first antique market, and-as mentioned above-where Captain’s Corner is today).  Prior to working in The Red Lion Arcade, Captain Bob was a trainee navigator who, in his own opinion, “could have been Prime Minister, but chose not to be”.  Sounds like a character, right?  Well, he definitely is.  I remember going through The Red Lion Arcade with my friend Bethany, and happening upon his store (Captain’s Corner), and immediately stopping because of how intriguing it was.  We both looked around the very small space it took up, and everything was covered.  From the shelves, to the walls, to the small pieces of furniture he was selling, everything was covered with something.  It appeared as though he literally took everything from his basement and plopped it in that one small space in The Red Lion Arcade.  He had so many different, vintage items, all that were a collection from his entire life.  While looking through his stall, I saw a magnify glass, binoculars, jewelry, clocks, flags, paintings, etc.  Some of the most memorable things I found at Captain’s Corner were old photographs, which were beautifully taken, black and white, and of people Captain Bob knew.  I remember looking through the photographs, and, all of a sudden spotting something beautiful that was not a photograph.  It was this lovely pendant you see here.  At the time, I had not really begun to really ask or think about collecting stories about my jewelry, so I am sad to say that I did not think to ask about this pendant.  However, the next time I go back (and I guarantee I will), I promise myself I will bring the pendant back and ask about it because I want its proper story.  All I can speculate it that it looks like a framed crocheted design, and I love it very much.  Best of all, I purchased it for only 1 British pound, a price that equates $1.50-2.00!!!  I still cannot believe how cheap it was.  It is one of my favorite and most precious necklaces that I own.  Thank you, Captain Bob!  I hope we meet again soon (:


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