My Mother’s Other Turquoise Ring

FullSizeRender (24)

Location: Unknown; Materials: Turquoise & Silver

This is the second turquoise ring of my mom’s that I wear all the time.  Specifically, I wear it on the ring finger of my right hand. Just like the other rings I wear all the time, this one leaves a major indent in my finger when I take it off.  I actually did not particularly like it when I first found it amongst my mother’s jewelry because the snobby side of me did not believe it looked like “real turquoise”, but I have really started to like it.  Like I mentioned in many of my other posts, wearing my mom’s jewelry daily makes me feel close to her all the time.  This ring is very special to me.  Like my other turquoise ring from my mom, I have been told this one looks Navajo as well.  I am not sure, because I never had a chance to ask her.


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