The Amethyst Crystal

FullSizeRender (23)

Location: Santiago, Chile; Material: Amethyst & Silver

Yet another necklace with my birthstone on it!  I believe that this (and the necklace I already wrote about, from India) are the only two items I have made out amethyst, as of now (February 2015) anyway.  I purchased this pendant-that-is-amethyst-but-really-looks-like-crystal at the same artisan market in the major Chilean city of Santiago as I purchased my copper and lapis lazuli earrings described earlier.  To tell you the truth, I forgot all about this necklace until this past week, when I finally found some string to put all of my loose pendants on (as mentioned in another recent entry).  I love this, it is so beautiful!  I especially love how the piece gets gradually gets darker further down on the pendant.


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