Right From Ke$ha’s Closet

FullSizeRender (27)

Location: Spring, Stamford Mall, Stamford, CT, USA; Material: Black/Brown String, Fake Feathers, Etc.

Well, this is embarrassing.  Not for most people, but a little bit for me.  You see, I talk a big game about all my great jewelry and how all of it has some significant meaning to it and is from my many travels, but I talk less about the fact that I have not always been that way.  In high school, I did not have much desire to travel (so strange for me to say considering how I am now) or look for cool pieces of jewelry with great stories.  I really enjoyed going to mall and shopping at all of the cookie-cutter, chain stores.  Now, I feel that their items (especially their jewelry) are junkie and not unique in any way, considering there are so many people in the world who probably own that item as well.  On occasion, I will still buy clothes at the mall, but I never buy jewelry.  In fact, this is one of the many pieces I purchased at a chain store that I still like and wear.  It is much different than the rest of my necklaces, and-as the title says-is very Ke$ha-y.  In fact, I wore it when I was Ke$ha for Halloween as a junior in college.  Although I did purchase it at the chain store Spring (actually a shoe store, but it carries some accessories as well), I have a story to go along with it.  When I saw this necklace hanging on the shelf in Spring, I was buying a pair of light-blue shoes.  I had been at the mall all day with my best friend from high school, Sarah.  I pointed the necklace ($11) out to her and said I shouldn’t and wouldn’t buy it because I was already buying shoes.  I continued with my purchase, and she stood in line to buy something for herself after me.  After paying, she handed me the necklace, and said “this is for you!”  I was amazed and so happy that she thought of me enough to get it for me (:  Here it is, over 5 years later.


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