Jade Green

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Location: Granville Island, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; Material: Jade

During the summer of 2011 (the summer after my freshman year in college), my dad had a conference he had to attend for work in Vancouver, Canada called NAFSA (Association of International Educators). The people at the conference were offered an opportunity ahead of time to receive a discounted cruise on Celebrity Cruise to Alaska from Vancouver, after the conference was done.  Because of this, my dad asked me if I was interested in going to Vancouver and then traveling to Alaska with him.  I had always wanted to go to Alaska, and I am always up for a new city (aka Vancouver), so of course I said yes!  Both the hotel and my dad’s plane ticket were covered by his work; and my plane ticket, a few extra days at the hotel, and the cruise were left to be paid by us.

I have to say,-similarly to when I talked about being embarrassed about my past love of malls-I am pretty embarrassed that I went on a cruise.  They are just so not “me” and really represent everything I hate in how many people travel.  First of all, they are not environmentally sound at all.  Secondly, they are so self-indulgent with their spas, gyms, water slides, and over-staffing (to ensure you never have to do anything for yourself).  Thirdly, this over-staffing of mostly foreign people really bothers me because I do not believe they are treated very well.  Also, their lives quite frankly suck.  They sleep on the bottom of the ships (the roughest, hardest place to sleep), have to go to bed last and wake up first, and have to be at the beck and call of every tourist on the ship.  Those are just some of the reasons I hate cruises.  There are many more that I will probably express later.  Rant over.

Anyway, the point of this entry is to speak out this beautiful ring!  I purchased it the first day my dad and I explored Vancouver (one of the extra days we built into our trip and around his conference).  The first thing we did that day was go around the city and walk to the small Granville Island.  It is a small, scenic shopping district in Vancouver, right on the water.  In fact, we saw many houses that were built in the water, right off the island.  They even had spaces in the water to park their boats, similar to a driveway!  So cool!  Anyway, we went into a shop with a number of different Canadian souvenirs, and this was one of them.  I love it very much, especially the vibrant green color!


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