Using The Land

 FullSizeRender (34)Location: Roseau, Dominica, West Indies; Material: Coconut Shell & Lava Rock

Well, first of all, I apologize to the people with OCD who look at this picture, because I know that the missing pieces at the top of the right earring probably trigger that OCD.  Anyway, I purchased these earrings in the beautiful Caribbean country of Dominica, while I was on a school trip (which I discussed in an earlier entry).  A couple classmates and I were in the country’s capitol of Roseau, in the main market.  At the market, I saw these earrings and fell in love.  I spoke with the woman who made them, and she told me that they were made right from items that Dominica has an abundance of: coconuts (in all of the trees!) and lava rock (there are 9 active volcanoes on the tiny island!).  I love them very much.  They are one of my well-worn pairs of earrings.  In fact, they are they earrings I probably wear the most out of all my pairs!


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