Chandelier Earrings #1

FullSizeRender (35)

Location: Mangalore, Karnataka, India; Material: Beads, etc.

Well, I call these chandelier earrings, that is not really what they are called.  In fact, I have no idea what they are officially called.  All I know is that they are traditional Indian earrings that Indian brides wear for their weddings.  The only different between these and those are that theirs are usually a lot bigger, more expensive, and made of real silver.  These are not very good quality, but the silver ones were ridiculously expensive (in my opinion, even for me, who buys mainly silver jewelry!).  So, I settled on these and another pair because I wanted to get some that at least looked traditional and had an Indian style to them, even if they were not traditionally made!  I like these a lot.  The neutral colors of them allow me to match them with almost everything I wear!


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