Formerly from a 5-Year-Old’s Jewelry Box…

FullSizeRender (36)

Location: Arcadia University, Glenside, PA, USA; Material: Bronze & Beads

So, I did not actually get this from a 5-year-old’s jewelry box, but it looks like it could have come from a 5-year old!  Most adults just do not wear that many colors strung together with little stars thrown in.  Well, this “adult” (quotes because I am 23, but am I really an adult?) does.  This necklace is definitely not my normal pendant style and-quite frankly-is not my taste at all, but for some reason I love it.  I think I love it because it’s different.  I will often combine it with pendant necklaces (like the necklace I discussed a few entries ago) because I really enjoy the juxtaposition of an intricate string of beads with a singular, simple pendant.  I did not get this place anywhere special on my travels, rather, I purchased it at one of the places I love most: Arcadia University, where I did my undergraduate studies.  When I was a freshman, there was a couple that had a business (who name slips my mind currently) that came to college campuses and selling budget jewelry to students.  What a great idea, right?!  As a freshman without a job, no money, and no car, I was grateful!  Anyway, this was one of the pieces I purchased, it was only $2!


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