Smooth Sailing Earrings

FullSizeRender (40)

Location: Ten Thousand Villages, Philadelphia, PA, USA (Purchased)/Delhi, India (Made); Material: Copper & Glass

This is one of my other purchases from Ten Thousand Villages, a chain fair-trade store that has locations all over the world.  For those of you who do not know what fair trade is, it is a type of item that is made by someone (usually in a developing country) sold in a store (usually in a developed country) for a price that gives a fair profit to the person who made it.  These specific earrings were made in India, more specifically in the nation’s capital of Delhi, in the northern part of the country.  They were made by someone at a place called The TARA Project (website here).  TARA stands for Trade Alternative Reform Action.  This project focuses on fair wages, education of children, environmental awareness, etc. and enables local artisans to sells their jewelry internationally in places like Ten Thousand Villages.  I love these earrings very much, and they were only $16, which is a small price to pay for doing something good.  If you are interested in them, please click here to see a pair very similar to them on Ten Thousand Village’s website.


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