Message Carriers?

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Location: Eastern Market, Washington, D.C.; Material: Mother of Pearl, Copper, & Crystal

So, this pair of earrings has a very interesting and strange story.  I purchased them this past January (2015), when I was visiting me friend Liz in the D.C. area.  I found them at the same market that I found the anchor ring I discussed in a previous entry.  After Liz and I had an lovely D.C. brunch filled with grapefruit mimosas and lots of eggs and vegetables, we returned to Eastern Market to look around more (I didn’t feel the small time we had there prior to brunch was enough).  Most of the vendors were packing up for the day, but we found one that was still completely open.  She had a number of pieces of wacky jewelry, none of which were particularly my style, except this one.  I saw these, immediately fell in love, asked her the materials she used to make the earrings, and paid the $8 they were priced at, a steal for homemade earrings!  As Liz and I were about to walk away, I asked to the women (whose name I later found out was Dorothy): “I have a jewelry blog that provides details about all of the pieces of jewelry I own, is there anything I should know about this piece?”  Well, I got much more than I asked for.

First, Dorothy told me that the birds were supposed to be messengers to God.  She said that was the reason she put them on earrings was so you could whisper a message to the bird and the bird could deliver it to God, receive a message back, and promptly deliver it straight to your ear.   She told me that the crystal on the earring was so that both the earring wearing (aka me) and the bird could have a clearer signal to God.  The mother of pearl formed specifically in the shape of a diamond was supposed to represent a message coming from God (the top tip of the diamond), down the to earth (the wide, middle part of the diamond), and to a single person (the bottom tip of the diamond, to the earring wearer, me).  Kooky, right?  There’s more.

Throughout this entire explanation, I tried really hard not to look at my friend Liz because I knew that I was going to burst into an uncontrollable laughing fit.  Now I am not a religious person by any means, but that has nothing to do with why I thought her story was so funny.  She was just so passionate and convinced that these earrings served some greater purpose, that I couldn’t help but get a little giggly.  To try to save myself from, well, myself, at the end of Dorothy’s explanation, I said “Okay, well, I think we have to go.  Do you have a card, in case I want to know more?”  Well apparently she wanted me to know more then and there.  She said “I do not have a card for my jewelry, but for my fortune telling I do.  Yeah, this is just a side job, but my profession is fortune-telling.”  I answered her, “Oh really?  That’s nice!”  She wasn’t done.  She proceeded to tell me that she could tell I loved ancient history just by looking at me.  I think whatever prediction about my that came from God to her missed by a few inches, because it was really Liz who is interested in ancient history.  I mean I find it interesting as well, but not enough for it to be my strongest attribute that a “fortunte-teller” might notice immediately.  I went along with it and finally left with Liz.  Walking away abruptly, the two of us went over the previous events through fits of laughter.  It was such a strange experience.  While giggling through Dorothy’s story, I said to Liz, “Ya know, I would much rather be eccentric and passionate about odd things than boring.  Why would you want to be normal when you can be weird like her?”

I will always stand by these words; my friends can definitely attest to that.


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