The Colors of India Emcompassed in One Scarf

FullSizeRender (41)

Location: Mumbai, Marharashtra, India; Material: Pashmina

The deep blue of the evening sky in South India during the months of no monsoon; the piercing, rich tone of the orange Indian sun, shining in all of its glory and shielded by no clouds; the deep red of Indian womens’ saris, covered in various beautiful designs; and the beautiful paisley-esque, intricate pattern of traditional Indian clothing.  This scarf bares it all.  I remember buying this scarf like it was yesterday.  It was the day I left my study-abroad home in India (Manipal) to travel with my dad for two weeks before going home to the US.  Our first stop was Mumbai, the country’s most important world city.  It was very overwhelming being in Mumbai, which is much bigger than the small college town of Manipal.  After my dad and I settled in at our hotel, we went out for a night walk for both food and to look around.  My dad and I planned to go to Leopold Cafe (website here), which is one of the most famous and visited restaurants/pubs in Mumbai.  Doesn’t sound very Indian, does it?  To a certain extent, yes, that is correct.  There was alcohol (not so commonly consumed in India), beef (cow is considered sacred), and an overall pub-y feel to it.  However, the restaurant served authentic India food and Indo-Chinese food, which is also something very common in India, not unlike American-Chinese food in the US.  It was founded by Iranis in 1871 and mentioned in Greg David Roberts’ 2003 novel Shantaram, which made it very famous.  The inside was so cool, with pictures and drawings all over the walls, plus I thought the food was delicious (: Anyway, on our way to this restaurant, we walked through a market-like street that had stores selling items both on the sidewalk and inside their small stores.  I stopped at a row of scarves, and saw this beautiful one.  As you can see from the picture above, it is also reversible!  I loved it so much and decided to also buy one for my best friend, Bethany.  Buying two scarves, I was able to get an even better bargain with the salesman.  Here it is, winter 2015, and I need it more than ever in this cold!


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