Bamboo, Tree Seeds, & Integrity

FullSizeRender (43)

Location: Kalinago Territory, Dominica; Material: Bamboo & Tree Seeds

This pair of earrings fits perfectly with a necklace I discussed very early on in my blog (specifically, it was the 5th entry in!).  These earrings and that necklace are not only from the same indigenous territory (Kalinago Territory) of the small country, Dominica, but they were also made from the same material, purchased at the same stand, and were very likely made by the same person.  As I discussed in prior entries, I traveled to beautiful nature-abundant country of Dominica in January 2014 with a class from my university.  One of the many things we were able to do while in Dominica was tour the part of the small country that was (and still is!) home to its native people, the Kalinagos (or, as many people call them, the Caribs; but “Kalinago” is much more respectful).  At one point on the tour, Kalinago descendents showed us how they weave various-sized baskets (one of which I bought) and had a number of different items to buy that were all made from natural goods, such as bamboo and tree seeds!  I purchased these earrings and I love them dearly.  The most extraordinary characteristic of these earrings was that they were a very small, inexpensive purchase for me, but the money made a major different to an independent jewelry making who prides herself on the integrity and authenticity of her pieces.  They are truly pieces from the heart.  I would take that over junky, poorly made Forever 21 jewelry any day.


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