In Honor of Saint Patrick’s Day…


Location: Aran Sweater Market, Aran Islands, Ireland; Material: Merino Wool

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 2015 to all my fellow Irish and Irish-Americans!  In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, I wanted to write about a very beautiful birthday gift I received this year, for my 23rd birthday from a very close family friend (and one of my mom’s best friends), Alice.  Like my mother and I, Alice has a love of traveling and buying unique, meaning gifts while traveling.  In her retirement, she has has had time to travel even more than she already has in her life.  This past December, she went to Killarny, Aran Islands, and other places in Ireland .  She sent me a beautiful postcard from Killarny in December, around Christmas time, telling me all about the atmosphere of Christmas in Killarny, something the city is known because of the famous and ever-popular Bing Crosby song “Christmas in Killarny”.  Both she and I had always wanted to experience Christmas time in Killarny because of the song, a song we both grew up listening to.  She beat me to it, but I hope to get there some day!

Anyway, Alice knew that my birthday was coming up at the beginning of February, so she bought me this beautiful “hooded scarf shawl” made from 100% merino wool and made in Ireland, specifically on the Aran Islands (a part of Ireland famous for its wool products)!  Merino is a type of sheep that is traditionally prized for its wool.  Merino sheep have softer and finer wool than any other sheep.  This beautiful shawl/scarf came with a description of the product, a certificate of authenticity, and instructions on how to clean/maintain it.  Alice told me she purchased the shawl scarf instead of a traditional wool sweater because she thought the quirkiness of this product would fit my personality better.  While I love sweaters, I completely agree with Alice, plus I already have so many sweaters!  This is truly a unique piece that I will care for and keep for the rest of my life 🙂


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