There’s a Bear on Your Neck

j16Location: Granville Island, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; Material: Stone

I purchased this bear necklace at the same store on the magnificent Granville Island in Vancouver where I purchased my all-jade ring from one of my previous entries.  I know it is a bit difficult to see clearly in the above picture because it is taken from so far away, but in addition to the bear, there is also a small, separate string hanging over the bear pendant with a tiny arrowhead and beads strung on it.  For those who are unaware, the arrowhead is an important symbol of natives to North America, both from present-day USA and Canada.  I recall learning about the significance of the arrow from a very young age in elementary school.  It was these various people’s means of attaining animal kill for food.  Of course now, guns exist and make the job of hunting much easier for the hunter.  Although I am a vegetarian and animal lover, I love this necklace because of the Native American Heritage it represents.

P.S. This picture was taken at a train station in India.  While we were waiting for our train, I was trying to learn ukelele, and failing miserably.


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