Desert Moon Rising

FullSizeRender (48)Location: San Pedro de Atacama, Atacama Desert, Chile; Material: Wood & Silver

I absolutely adore these earrings.  I purchased them while traveling in Chile with a class from my university (Arcadia University).  We spent most of our time in the Atacama Desert, one of the driest deserts in the world with the most magnificent night sky I have ever seen, and probably will ever see.  If you know anyone who has ever been to the Atacama Desert, one of the most memorable characteristics of the area is its beautiful sky, especially at night.  What makes the Atacama’s sky so marvelous is the fact that there is barely any ambient light.  While in San Pedro de Atacama, I was able to see more stars than I thought existed, and we could even see galaxies!  One night, our group took a nighttime sky-tour, where we used telescopes and were able to see the planet Saturn, various famous star formations, and more!

Anyway, I purchased these earrings firstly because I saw them and fell in love, but secondly because the moon in them truly reflected my group’s trip to the Atacama Desert, which will always be one of my favorite trips abroad.  I wear these earrings very frequently, especially because I think they look good with my other five ear piercings!


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