Silky Red

FullSizeRender (46)

Location: Bull Temple, Bangalore, Karnataka, India; Material: Silk

I purchased this pair of earrings in India, during my study abroad group’s travel week.  We were at the first destination our travels: Bangalore, the IT capital of India.  One of the major sites of the city is the famous Bull Hindu Temple, which is very small and has a large bull right in the center of it.  At the beginning of the walkway to the temple, there is a large sculpture of two bullhorns around the walkway.  Right in front of this sculpture were a few stands selling various items, including different color and size variations of the above earrings.  Most of them were multi-colored, and some were all one color, like the pair I purchased for myself.  I bought a number of pairs for my friends at home as souvenirs as well.  You can find them many places in India.  They remind me a lot of dreamcatchers.  I do not wear them very often, but I still think they are beautiful nonetheless.


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