Support Independent Designers!

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Location: Greenwich Market, London, England; Material: Silver

I bought this set of beautiful knuckle rings (or, as the designer calls them “stacking rings”) on my last trip to London, in September 2014, when I was on a mini backpacking trip with my friend, Grace.  We were at one of my favorite markets in one of my favorite parts of London, Greenwich Market in Greenwich, London, where the Prime Meridian (aka 0 degrees Longitude) is!  It is literally the center of the world.  We walked around, and stopped at a beautiful jewelry stall that had all different kinds of jewelry, all made out of sterling silver.  I saw a number of beautiful knuckle rings in a dish, and knew immediately that I wanted one.  There was a sign that said you could get a special deal if you purchased three of the rings, as opposed to only getting one or two, so I decided on getting three.  I wanted to get three different ones, so I decided on the ones above: a “rope sterling silver stacking ring” (the one on my middle finger), “beaded sterling silver stacking ring” (one with balls on my pointer finger), and “sterling silver hammered stacking ring” (the plainer one).

When I purchased the rings, I spoke with the person at the stand and asked for the designer’s information so I could post it on this blog, and she told me that she was the designer!  Her name is Francesca Abram, which is also the company name.  Please click here to view her Facebook page, where you can also order some of her beautiful jewelry.  It is a bit more on the expensive side, but it is because she is an independent designer and makes a living off of her jewelry, and her jewelry is all handmade.  I would pay five times as much for something if I knew it was handmade as opposed to factory made and sold in a chain store because with something handmade, you get superb quality and you help support someone doing something they love in a business where it is truly hard to make a good living. I love these rings very much and wear them quite often!  They were completely worth the money I spent.


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