My First Turquoise Purchase in India

FullSizeRender (57)

Location: Mangalore, Karnataka, India; Material: Turquoise & Onyx

As I have discussed many times, I love turquoise.  It is my favorite semi-precious stone and it is really my favorite stone ever (I am not really a fan of precious stones, they are too flashy for my taste).  Many of the turquoise pieces I have came from India, including this pair of earrings.  As you can tell from the title, this is first turquoise jewelry piece I purchased while in India.  As I described in many of my earlier entries, my friends and I traveled the first weekend we were in India to the small city of Mangalore, the nearest small city to where we were living in Manipal.  We went not only to explore the area, but to go to the mall and purchase Indian-style clothing to make us fit in more and experience the culture!  At the mall, there was a beautiful jewelry-and-other-arty-items store, all pieces from the country.  I saw these earrings and fell in love.  I wore them a lot throughout my semester, and still do!  It was the first of many more jewelry purchases throughout my travels and stay in India.


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