A Piece of History in a Necklace


Location: Portobello Road Market, London, England; Material: 10 Shilling Bill (Paper), Plastic/Metal Casing

I am very sorry about the long break in posts, I was in Turkey!  Anyway, this beautifully unique pendant is one of my favorite purchases from my August/September mini-backing trip with my friend, Grace.  As I have discussed prior to this entry, London was our last stop on this backpacking trip.  Both Grace and I love London so much. I particularly love Portobello Road, an amazing and historical part of London that has beautiful vintage markets and great food.  While there, I found this awesome pendant.  I saw it, asked the vendor what it was to confirm that it was actually a shillings bill, and purchased it on the spot.  For those who do not know, shillings is the old currency that was used in both the United Kingdom and British Commonwealth countries prior to “Decimal Day” in 1971, when they began to use their recent currency. I love this so much, especially because it is orange, the most underrated color in my opinion!  I could not have found anything like it anywhere else but Portobello Road in London Town (:


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