Retro Is Always Better


Location: Unknown; Material: Unknown

Such a friggin cool belt, right?  I think so too.  Nice one, mom.  Because this is vintage (from my mom’s 70s wardrobe) I am unsure about where it is from and what it is made out of (although my speculation is that everything it is made out of is fake, manmade material).  I absolutely adore this belt.  It just looks so 70s, doesn’t it? It is one of the coolest accessories I own, although it is probably one of the least comfortable belts I own; there is no stretch to it!  The material just does not breathe.  That is okay, I don’t mind because I do not wear it very often anyway and it is way more important to me than it just being something “fun to wear”.  It was what my mother wore when she was my age, and I so happy that she kept it for decades for me to wear.  Every time I do wear it, I carry a piece of her wherever I go, as I do when I wear all of her other unique pieces (:


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