Mixed Metal By Me!


Location: Casco Bay Fibers, Freeport, ME, USA; Material: Copper, Bronze, & Silver-Plated

That’s right, made by me!  For Memorial Day Weekend 2015, my friends Sam, Bethany, and I had a  road trip up to Maine.  Although we primarily spent our time in Portland, Maine, we also took some time to see the surrounding areas, like Freeport.  Many probably know Freeport because it is home to the L.L. Bean Flagship Store and an array of other outlets.  Although I really detest shopping (especially outlet shopping), I really wanted to visit Freeport because I had heard the L.L. Bean store was a “can’t miss” in Maine.  We went to the store, saw part of a live bird demonstration, ate at a local pub-chain (that comes highly recommended by locals), tried the pub’s own beer, and stumbled upon a store called “Casco Bay Fibers” while walking around town.  It looked like a crafty, DIY-type store, so we popped in.  Walking in, I immediately eyed an array of bowls filled with different types of beads.  Knowing I wanted to make my own pair, I began to pick out beads.  I decided to go with a mixed-metal theme because I really love the look that mixed metals create!  The only part I had a little bit of difficulty with was wrapping the skinny bronze piece around the copper post (as you can see above, that part of the earrings is not even, which I do not mind!).  As I was purchasing the earrings, the owner of the store (which, she said, used to be an all-yarn store), told me I was welcome to use any of the jewelry tools to secure the pieces on my earrings that I was having a hard time securing.  With her help, I did so, and voila, the above pair was what I ended up with!  The earrings ended up being around $12.   I only got them a few weeks ago, and I have already worn them so much!


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