Location: Thrift & New Shop, Hell’s Kitchen, NYC, New York, USA; Material: Mystic Topaz & Silver

Last weekend (May 30th, 2015), my friend, Samson and I went to see a play off Broadway called “Disenchanted”, which was absolutely brilliant and hilarious!  Whenever I go see a play in New York City with someone, the other person and I usually make a day/night of it and grab a meal before or after.  After picking up our pre-ordered tickets at the box office, Samson and I went to our lunch place of choice (an awesome Thai restaurant called “Qi Bangkok Eater”).  On our way, we happened upon a very interesting-looking store called “Thrift & New Shop”.  We walked in, and were immediately engulfed by antique Broadway playbills, rusty silverware, beautiful and old jewelry, and musty books.  These are exactly the stores I love.  Knowing I would want more time to look around but that I was also very hungry, Samson and I left to go to lunch, but returned shortly after.  After looking around, I decided on two beautiful pieces of jewelry.  This ring was one of them.  Unfortunately, I do not think it was antique because I saw a few more very similar to it, but nonetheless, I loved it as soon as I saw it and immediate knew I wanted it.  It was only $18, a steal (in my opinion) for something so beautiful and made with real silver and real semi-precious stone!  I have never owned anything with mystic topaz in it, and frankly, I had never even heard of that type of stone until walking into this store for a second time.  I have worn it every single day since I purchased it and love it very much!


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