Quirky Turkish Turquoise


Location: Goreme Valley, Cappadocia, Turkey; Material: Turquoise

I did not find out until my most recent trip to Turkey (in April 2015) that the origins of both the word and the material turquoise come from Turkey!  In fact, much of the turquoise in Turkey is harvested in the area in which I purchased these earrings: Cappadocia, the beautiful region of central Turkey filled with natural vistas and magical “fairy chimneys”.  These were only $3, which is one of the perks of purchasing jewelry not only in a country where the exchange rate is in America’s favor, but also where the stone originates!  The mismatched shapes and uneven thickness of these may bother most people because they do not exactly match, but I love them.  I think those qualities about them really add to both their overall appeal and quirkiness (:


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