Ruby Red


Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Material: Ruby & 22 Karat Gold

Yes, right away, I recognize that these earrings are significantly fancier than most of my other jewelry.  This past April (2015), my dad went to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for Saudi Arabia’s biggest educational conference.  Having been told by people that gold is a speciality of (and significantly cheaper in) Saudi Arabia, I asked my father if he could look for some reasonably-priced jewelry for me.  Although I am not really a big fan of gold, precious stones, and fancy jewelry in general, I thought that it would be nice to have a piece of jewelry for occasions that require more dressing up.  So, the day my dad went to the market in Riyadh that specializes in jewelry, he FaceTimed me (with his international cell service) while he was in a few of the jewelry shops.  Because he had no idea what to get me and did not want to spend money on something that I would not like or wear, he wanted to show me a few pieces before buying.  He went from shop to shop, and unfortunately, he was having no luck with me.  I thought all the jewelry was too sparkly and flashy (definitely not my style), plus all of the shops he first walked into were not selling individual jewelry pieces, rather whole jewelry sets that were very pricy.  Finally, my dad went into a shop that had a number of pairs of earrings that interested me.  I initially really liked this pair, but the shopkeeper told me the price ($160), and I told my dad that I definitely did not want him to pay that much for jewelry.  So, he found another gold pair I loved (that I will write about later) that were only $100 (still a lot of money in my opinion, but 22 karat gold would be much more if purchased in the US).  It was not until he returned home that he surprised me with this second pair (pictured above) that I love so very much.  Because they are 22 karat gold-the second most expensive type of gold and the most expensive jewelry I have probably ever owned, I am taking good care of them and will make sure never to lose them!  Thank you, dad!


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