Beautiful Fire Opal From Ooty


Location: Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India; Material: Fire Opal & Silver

While I was studying abroad in India, my study abroad group had a special travel week for our spring break planned by our director.  One of the places we visited while on the trip was picturesque Ooty, home to India’s luscious green tea plantations and where India’s British elite used to vacation throughout the time India was colonized by Great Britain.  One of the reasons hilly Ooty was (and still is!) such a popular vacation spot for the British was because it is a cooler part of South India and therefore provided a nice, relaxing, and cool respite from the Indian heat for those who could afford to spend time there.  Needless to say, we all loved it in Ooty, although we were very shocked by how cold it was in comparison to all of the other places we had visited in India prior to our stop!  While we were all in town (which was down in one of the valleys between the hills of Ooty), we had some free time.  A number of us found a very nice, family-owned store with all goods Indian.  We spent a very long time in the store, looking at all of the beautiful Indian goods and getting to know the couple who was working at the store.  I bought a number of items at the store, but the first thing that really caught my attention was this beautiful pendant.  I absolutely love fire opal and its milky, fiery look.  So, I purchased it and have worn it at least once a week since!


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