Mr. Golden Sun


Location: Glenside Farmer’s Market, Glenside, PA, USA; Material: Bronze

On my of my many trips into Philadelphia during my sophmore year of college, my friend and I missed the train we were supposed to take from the nearest station to our campus (Glenside Train Station) to Philly, so we decided to hang out at the train station until the next train arrived.  Lucky for us, we were there on a Saturday when the lovely Glenside Farmer’s Market was being held on the grass right in front of the train station.  Having time to kill, we ventured to the market and looked at the vast array of local produce and locally-owned stands carrying honey, salad dressing, jewelry, and more.  We were immediately attracted to the  jewelry stand.  After looking at the variety of earrings pieced together by the woman selling them, we each picked out a pair.  These were cheap, very simple, and beautiful, so I picked them.  They kind of remind me suns, hence the name of this entry.  I wear them a lot and love them!


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