My Bargaining Pride


Location: Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey; Material: Silver & Amber

I purchased this beautiful amber and silver ring on my last trip to Turkey in April 2015 while shopping around the famous Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.  I was traveling throughout Turkey with work (we take local people to Turkey a few times a year) and I wandered into the Grand Bazaar during some free time with one of our trip attendees named Angela.  After walking around for some time (and actively seeking an amber ring), I finally found a jewelry stall selling what looked like a large array of silver rings with amber of all different shades.  I tried on a number of them and finally decided on the one you see pictured above after bargaining back and fourth with the salesman.  I showed him the ring, and he said “90 Lira” ($31).  I answered “60 Lira” ($21).  He said “How about 80 Lira?”  I answered “How about 60?”  He said “I think 75”, and I responded “I think 60”.  He stopped, looked at me, and said “Wow, I am impressed.  60 it is.”  I have had a lot of experience bargaining, but this has probably been my been work so far.  I absolutely adore this ring and have worn it every day since.


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