Made By Me


Location: Kennebunkport, Maine, USA; Material: Silver, Glass, Wood, Clay

This past Memorial Day Weekend (2015), my friends and I went to Maine.   Although our final destination was Portland, Maine, we stopped in Kennebunkport, Maine, which well known as being a vacation spot for “well-to-do” families, such as the Bush’s.  Kennebunkport has a beautiful, quaint main street, which is the center of town.  This was the place where we hung out and explored on our short stop.  After grabbing coffee at a local store that had a sign in the window that read “Since 1865! Where The Locals Gather Year Round!”, we ventured into a cool store that sold a variety of goods from all around the world, including incense, jewelry, clothes, art, etc.  There was a station in the store that had bowls upon bowls of various beads.  Next to the bowls were a variety of different chains and jewelry components, along with pieces of paper and pens.  Each bowl had a number of the same type of bead in it with a sign that labeled the price of the bead.  The paper and pens were for writing down what beads the customer used, how many of each, and their prices.  It took me a very long time to go through the overwhelming number of beads.  I ended up choosing a pastel, earthy color palette with a pop of baby blue.  The above earrings are what I ended up with!  They were only $4!


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