Pomaire: Home of All Things Jewelry & Clay (Pt. 1)

FullSizeRender (1)Location: Pomaire, Chile; Material: Clay & Plastic Beads

When I was in Chile with a class in June 2014, we spent most of our time in the Atacama Desert; however, we were able to get about a day and a half in Chile’s capital city, Santiago.  As soon as we arrived in Santiago, our group ventured about an hour outside of the city, to Pomaire, a small town/market in a very rural area.  The town specializes in clay goods made locally.   In addition to clay goods, the market in town sold a number of other really unique items, many of them being jewelry.  Of course I had to look and buy something(s).  This single earring was one of them.  One of the first stalls we happened upon on the main street of town was one that sold clay bowls, plates, etc., but also had a very interesting fixture on one of their walls that was filled with mismatched, clay earrings.  This was right up my alley, so I was immediately intrigued.  After looking at the single earrings, I decided on two, the above cloud piece being one of them.  At first, I thought I could wear the two together, but I have recently realized that they do not look good together, so I wear them with other earrings I have one of (mostly due to losing the other haha).  I love this cloud one very much, it is one of my favorites.


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