Upcycled in Senegal


Location: Sandaga Market, Dakar, Senegal; Material: Cotton

So, I am currently writing this post from Dakar, Senegal, where I will be living and working until August 2016 (if you are interested, check out my blog for that here.  Nothing like a little shameless self-promotion).  Last week, my friend and I finally made it out to the major market in the center of of the city, called Sandaga.  We were accompanied by one of my Senegalese coworkers, Fatoumata, who was there to help us with bargaining and ensuring that we bought items for fair prices.  Normally, I am pretty good a bargaining, but in English.  This time it was in French, so it was a bit different and definitely harder.  This necklace was the first item (of many, as usual) that I purchased at the market.  I was a little nervous at first to bargain, so Fatoumata helped until I really got the hang of it in my non-native tongue.  I love it so much, it is so cool and unique!  Walking up to the stall that was selling these, you could really see that one was definitely not like the other.  Best of all, they are upcycled because they are made of scraps of fabric that is use to make traditional Senegalese clothing.  All of the patterns are so beautiful, as you can see in the picture above.  This necklace is definitely a statement piece (:


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